Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well...Here Goes.

OK.  Now before I begin, I want everyone to know that I realize the only people that will read this blog are umpires.

In fact, I am going to invite all of my umpire friends to follow along.

This blog will be simple.  It will be about umpiring.  Not just the on the field stuff.  But all the crap you have to deal with as an umpire.

So you might ask...WHY?

Simple.  Gene McArtor thinks it is a bad idea.

I will say some things on this blog that some of you guys will roll your eyes at.

I will say a lot of things on this blog that will catch you shaking you head agreeing with me.

Some guys have already said, "Scott, you will torch your umpiring career with this."

I really don't think so.  And if I do, then so be it.  It was a great run.

My credentials as an umpire and my story to now is contained in the next post.

Thanks for following.


  1. About time, we will have a sounding board lead by one of us. I think this will be a strong forum for building some commonality on and off the field.

  2. Interesting indeed.

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    And a Doctorate in Education? Really!