Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Northern Illinois vs. Eastern Michigan

A weekend in DeKalb, IL.  First two days pretty good as the teams split.

E. Michigan won on Friday 4-2 on my plate game in 2:40.  Not much to talk about on this one..pretty well played game.

Same thing on Saturday as NIU wins 3-2.  Bret Bruington went 2:15 and again no issues as NIU wins with two runs in the eighth and holding Eastern in the ninth.

On Sunday became a wild one.  John Argus was the recipient of the end of the pitching staffs as Eastern Michigan scored 8 in the ninth to win 13-11.  Eastern scored all 13 of the runs after the 7th inning.  It really was a trainwreck at the end. 

John took a foul ball straight off the mask in the top of the ninth that rocked my ass all the way down at first base.  As I got down to the plate to check on my partner..he looked up and said, "Down goes Frazier..Down goes Frazier."  I had to laugh.  But the shot he took wasn't funny.  A lesser man wouldn't have finished the game.

Had to undress an assistant coach from first base on balls and strikes.  (Argus is a little hard of hearing at 66 years old).  He had been giving us cheap shots all weekend..He even cost Ed a balls and strikes warning on Saturday's game.  Amazing how quiet it got when I caught him yelling at John.

Now admittedly John had struggled most of the day, but with head coach Ed Mathey standing right in front of wasn't his place to bitch.  So I let him know that.  Ed knew..and didn't say a word.

The drive home was long and I was ready to hit the sack when I got home around 11.  Game lasted 3:44.  It felt like 6 hours.

Food for the weekend....A pretty good club sandwich at Fatty's Pub and Grill on Friday and a drive into Chicago to have dinner at Gibson's Steakhouse on Rush Street Saturday night.  Big steak...some great meritage wine...and THIS for dessert. 

It was called The Meaning Of Life.  If you are curious, apparently the "Meaning of Life" is chocolate, raspberry sauce, bananas, butter creme frosting with almonds.  It was $14 and it was HUGE.  Took 6 of us to eat it all.  It was awesome.

It was a fun weekend with Bret and John.   I look forward to going back up to the Chicagoland area every chance I get.  I would love it up there if it weren't for all the damn people living there.

Next up for me, IU hosts Kentucky on Tuesday.

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