Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anderson vs. Wabash

My first D3 game of the season happened on Tuesday.  A base job in a game at Anderson. 

It was a relatively boring baseball game as Anderson won 17-11.  It was really bad I thought that Wabash went for a 2 point conversion in the 8th inning to keep it from being a 17-10 game.

IUA umpire Kevin Faust worked the plate.  Did a really nice job back there. 

Only highlight for me on the day was getting on the AU shortstop late in the game.  Kevin called a pitch that ran off the plate a little and the shortstop said to his second baseman loud enough for me to hear him..."That pitch was a foot outside.  He has been calling that pitch ALL DAY."

I turned around and looked at him and said.."Son, that would be like me looking at you and saying these teams have dropped SIX pop flies today..and it has been happening ALL DAY."

He looked away and wouldn't respond.  AND for the record...the two teams DID drop 6 pop flies on the infield on the afternoon.

Was happy to get out of there in less than three hours.  Nice job Kevin.

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