Thursday, March 11, 2010

Indiana State vs. E. Illinois

Another game, another $170.  A rather boring day in Terre Haute (which is actually a NORMAL day in Terre Haute usually.)

Took almost as long to work the last six outs of the game as it did to go the first 7 1/2 innings.

1-1 going into the bottom of the 8th inning...and the Sycamores decide to wake up.  Couldn't just get a couple of insurance runs to seal the victory...they had to go for the full monty.  A 7-spot in the bottom of the 8th gave them an 8-1 lead.

Then could E. Illinois just go quietly in order in the top of the 9th?  I think you all know that answer to that one.

A 2-run inning and we walk out in 2:52 after ISU wins 8-3.

Mike Mann worked the plate and did a pretty good job for his first game of the season.  Really handled game management nicely.  Only one thing stuck out with him that I want to share...He went to the meeting in Dallas and came away from it that we were going to the umpire on the line for ALL check swings this season.

If you all remember, Tom said to just look at situations and figure out in your heads whether or not most check swings could be seen better from the wing than from the middle.

Nothing like standing down at first base with a left handed hitter and having your plate guy come out tho check with you when there is a guy standing in the middle waiting for the proper mechanic.

The mechanic is still the same...first base guy gets right handed batters, third base guy gets the lefties.

Had a great time working the bases with Shannon Bunger from Bloomington, IN.  Great hustle and great mechanics.

Next game is Friday at Franklin College (weather permitting).

Catch up with you all after that game.


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