Friday, March 5, 2010

Photos from Florida

Me with Rick Darby from Inverness, FL.  Great umpire and an even better guy.  We were together in the Florida State League back in 83-84.

(L to R)  Randy Bachman-Napoleon, OH, Gary Rosplohowski-Toledo, OH, Rick Darby-Inverness, FL, Rick's daughter Gillian, Me, Rick's wife Kim.

It was so cold and wet on Saturday I actually considered wearing this for a couple of minutes.  For the record....I didn't.

Jon Garlits from Lincoln, IL

Dave Condon from Chicago

Bill Lopina from Chicago

Ron (Catman) Whiting from West Virginia

Bachman served us all lemonade.  Thank you Randy.

Mike Baker from St. Pete, FL

Rospo looking important.

My favorite little spark plug.  Don Umland from Iowa.

Scott Behn from Iowa.  I still can't get over how much weight you lost dude.  Great work.

Mike Gillis from New Hampshire.  I have SO many stories on him from our Texas League days.  But not here.

Someone apparently has Bachman's attention from the Notre Dame dugout.  Or did they have bat girls??  I can't remember.

Don January from Boston.  This guy I liked a lot.  Even if he was working with Gillis.

Brian from New Hampshire.  Notice how his shoulders are slumping.  It is difficult work carrying Mike Gillis around on a field.  I know this from experience.  HA!!!

Jim Muhleck from Detroit

Me with Mike Gillis.  All kidding aside. He is one of the best umpires I have ever had the honor of stepping onto a baseball field with.

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