Thursday, March 25, 2010

IU vs. Xavier

You ever have one of those days where no matter what you are destined for a three hour marathon?

Welcome to my Wednesday afternoon in Bloomington as I see a winning team score 17 runs for the second consecutive day as the Hoosiers beat Xavier 17-8.

3:00 on the nose and I was HAPPY to get it done that quick.

Was fun working with Jimmy Jackson and Randy Bachman as Randy and I began our 2010 world tour.  We are together a total of 11 games this year.  ( I am wondering what I did to Fetch.)

The first 8 runs scored by IU all came off of home runs..a three-run, a two-run and three solos.

Made for a long afternoon.


It is something that absolutely drives me nuts.  I have seen more guys the last couple of years flex a knee into a inside curveball to try to buy their way onto first base.  I kept three guys at the plate for doing this and I am wondering how many of you are having the same crap?

Note to hitters...stand in there and try to get a hit...not try to GET HIT.

Great photo on the website of IU skipper Tracy Smith and I having a discussion about this after I kept one of his kids at the plate.

I really like and respect Tracy, but don't tell me you don't teach that to your kids.

The conversation went something like this....

TRACY...He didn't try to get hit.
ME...He rolled his knee into the inside curveball on purpose.
TRACY...He did NOT.  He turned his back and it hit him in the leg.
ME...Are we watching the same game?
TRACY...He did not flex his knee.
ME...Tracy, it isn't like I have anything else to do on this.  I stand here and track the inside curveball and he stuck his knee out and it hit him.  Doesn't get much easier than that.

And with that Tracy walked away.  End of discussion.

There are a LOT of teams teaching this...and while some of you might let them get away with it...I won't.

Long day was made better afterwards as the three of us went to Little Zagreb's for steak.  LOVE that place.  If you go to is a MUST DO.

First weekend of conference season begins this weekend as Butler hosts Youngstown State in Horizon League play...and I have to drive a whole 10 miles to the yard.  With Jon Milesky from Cincinnati and Matt Moore from Wisconsin this should be fun.  Will post again after the game on Friday.

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  1. could not agree more with keeping guys at bat. My partner called it this weekend and did not get any argument whatsoever from the coach or player, so it apparently is being called (or not called, dpending on how you look at it) more often.