Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cincinnati vs. Xavier

My first time to taste the crosstown rivalry in Cincinnati.

Skyline Chili was in the air.  I left disappointed.  It really wasn't much of a game as Xavier won 10-4.

Randy Bachman, sooner or later you are going to have a bad plate job.  I don't know when it is coming...but you can't continue to be great every time out like you have been.

2:15 and I seriously don't think he missed a pitch.  Keep it up...especially when I am with you.

Was with Randy and Chuck Stewart today.  Good crew.  Everything under control except for one small thing that Bachman had to handle which I will get into in a sec.

Chuck and I stole money today on the bases though.

Bach had a little situation today where a couple of Xavier players tried to step out of the box as they requested timeout and Randy wouldn't grant it.  Pitcher was in his motion.  Too late.  Good call Randy.

Coach didn't think so though...and went down to the plate to give it to Randy.  Bach shut him down cold.  The coach started to yell at Randy..and Randy said "I will TALK to you...but you aren't gonna YELL at me."

Bottom line is this.  I am not sure I like the rule any better than the coach does.  There are some things that should just police themselves.  I think this is one of them.  But as long as it is in the rule book we HAVE to enforce it.

I sometimes wonder if coaches remember that umpires DON'T write the rule book.  All we do is enforce it.  I believe there is only one umpire that is on the rules committee.  The rest are coaches.

We as umpires have very little influence on what rules make it into the game.  At any level.  Maybe it is better that way.  It has worked for a long time.

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