Monday, April 12, 2010

W. Michigan vs. Ohio U.

MAC series this past weekend with two of my favorite umpires and working two of my favorite coaches.  What could go wrong?

Well...let's just say not much as long as one of the teams doesn't show up..which was the case for W. Michigan.

Randy Ford has quickly become one of my favorite coaches in the game.  He is a class act and just leaves you alone and lets you work.  I truly felt sorry for him because as good of a guy as he is I hate to see a team quit.  Which is what happened this weekend.

Worked this weekend with Randy Bachman and Jon Milesky.  Great guys that I can have fun with away from the field as well as on it.  By the way--Let me just say that Bachman has everything in the MAC scouted out.  Friday night Abrio's Italian which has an unreal Chicken Parm.  Saturday for lunch Miller's Chicken which had broasted chicken to die for.  Saturday night Courtside Pizza.  A 20" three topping pizza for less than $20. (You gotta LOVE college towns.)  Thanks for the extra 10 pounds this weekend Bach.

Friday night was my plate game that went 2:59 and was the longest game of the series.  Ohio won 25-3.  Painful.

Saturday wasn't much better.  15-3 Ohio.  But Bachman somehow got the game done in 2:05.  Don't know how that happened..but he gets rated a 5 for getting that mess done so quickly.

Most competitive game of the series was Sunday where Ohio won again.  This time 11-5.  Milesky goes 2:46 for this one on getaway day.

No real issues this weekend.  I had an interference call on a runner sliding into second base with his arms up in the air and knocked down the throw on the DP turn.  Had to put a RF in his place after yelling in at me about a call.  That's always no fun.

Baseball was thing for me this weekend was the chicken.  It is a MUST DO in Athens.

Went out on Saturday night with some friends from Athens for a while.  One of the decided to grab my phone and make some Facebook posts that I had to later delete after I figured out what had happened.  Dickhead.  Thanks Scott.

I must admit though that Athens is one of my favorite towns to go to during the season.  ESPECIALLY when the weather is nice like it was this past weekend.  Great views.

Light week this week for me.  DePauw at Wabash on Wednesday.  Another MAC series this weekend in Muncie with Ball State vs Buffalo.

Have a great week guys.

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