Thursday, April 8, 2010

Franklin College vs. Rose Hulman

D3 baseball.  $100 for the day.  Close to home on a mid week game.  I'll take it.

A lot of games like this you don't see many in the stands.

Take for instance the game on Tuesday with these two teams.  50 people in the stands.  Only thing different is that there were 20 scouts.  Now I must admit, I don't follow D3 baseball that much.  I am doing it because Deron Brown asked me to and it is a 4pm start.  But if there were that many scouts there on a Tuesday afternoon...there must be some guy who can pitch.  (For the record his name was Derek Eitel...struck out 9 in 4 innings and got a no-decision.  He was not bad.)

But this day was different.  For many reasons.

Number one, let me tell you that Franklin College has done a very nice job with their field.  No locker room for the umpires...but is D3.  (Actually there is a place I could have changed in the press box...but I would rather dress in the car get the picture.)

Now, back to the game.  The one thing that really got to me on this day was that I answered more "Where was that pitch" questions on this day than I had in all my other games combined this season. I am glad it isn't like that every day.

Next...and it ALWAYS happens in these type of games...there is always ONE jackass on the bench that yells at the top of his lungs every 15 seconds...It doesn't have to make sense..he just yells something.  Today he was on Franklin's bench.   Seriously are giving me a headache.

I had never been to Franklin College and it was my first time to work for Franklin coach Lance Marshall.  Not a bad guy.  But twice he came up to me and said..."Can I ask you something without you getting upset or taking it the wrong way?"  This question is usually followed up by a question he shouldn't ask...Which it was.  About balls and strikes.  I guess he thought I had two different strike zones and that it seemed that the Rose Hulman catcher was getting rewarded for not making pitches look good.

The game was won by FC 10-8 after a 4-run bottom of the 8th...3:07 on the time.  And I worked with Matt Waggoner from Indy.  Matt is a great guy...and he has a bright future in umpiring.  He can't be much more than 25 or so.  But don't ask me for an evaluation on this day.  He stole money.  Not one single call.  He runs like a deer...looks great...but I should have made him work the plate.  HA!!!

Coming up next...University of Indianapolis against Anderson University at Victory Field.

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