Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend From Hell

Ok...Let me start this post by saying that I am OLD.  I admit it.  Let me also say I love God.  Because if it weren't for Him...I would have had the longest weekend ever for me.  Was scheduled for a funky Horizon League weekend this past weekend...Here was the schedule.

Friday--Wright State at Valpo (DH)  Beginning at Noon.
Saturday--Wright State at Illinois-Chicago (DH) Beginning at Noon.
Sunday--Illinois-Chicago at Valpo (DH) Beginning at Noon.

That is six 9-inning games in three days with two plate jobs.  I was totally dreading it because my 50-year old butt was gonna be sore.  I knew it...and HE knew it.

So he made it rain on Sunday.  I prayed for it on Saturday and He answered me.  Thank you Lord.

OK..On to the baseball.  Wright State took two from Valpo on Friday.  11-1 and 10-4.  Both games were like they sound.  Not even close.  But something happened on Friday that I HAVE to bring up.

Don't let coaches get in your head.  They want to get into conversations with you that will try to get you to contradict yourself. This happened to me on this day.

Oh..it started out innocent enough.  He comes out to where I am standing down the left field line between innings and said that my plate job in game one was one of the best he has had all year.  But that a call I made at third base the inning before was one of the worst calls he had ever seen.

It took every inch of restraint I had not to toss him right there on the spot.  But I told him I wasn't going to discuss that call with him.  If he wanted to argue he had his chance to come out and man up right after the play happened.  I guess that is why it caught me off guard when he came out to talk to me between innings.  He told me not to take it personally...and that if ANYONE should take it personally..that it should be him because baseball how he feeds his family.

THAT did it.  I was pissed.

The last thing I need or want is someone questioning me about my professionalism.  I don't care if you are feeding your family by coaching baseball.  I put extra food on my table by umpiring baseball.  After umpiring in the minor leagues...I am pretty sure I know what professionalism is all about. 

I turned around and walked away.

Could I have dumped him?  Sure.  Would I have gained anything?  Nope.

He stayed in the game..won...and I didn't have to write a report.  All in all...even though I was REALLY pissed...it worked out ok.

The next day...all was quiet.  Wright State and UIC split a doubleheader...Sunday it rained like crazy and God gave me my day off...Got paid for 6 games while only working 4.

God works in mysterious ways.

P.S.  Got a chance to work with David Uyl in Chicago on Saturday.  Spent quite a bit of time in the big leagues the past couple of seasons.  For the love of Pete, I don't know why he didn't get the chance.  This guy can flat out umpire.

I am very proud of him though.  He went out on HIS terms.  Not many get to say that.  Most guys hang on to the bitter end when they finally get released.  He didn't.  Good for you David.  I will go to war with you ANY day.  Character counts.

P.P.S.  To Scott Behn and Tim Farwig.  Another outstanding weekend with quality people.  Anytime...anyplace.

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